September 14, 2023

Hetzner DNS Monitoring now supported in ZoneWatcher!

ZoneWatcher now has native support for monitoring your Hetzner DNS records! To setup your Hetzner account on ZoneWatcher, simply add a new Provider and select Hetzner from the providers list. You...


December 2, 2022

ZoneWatcher 2.0

ZoneWatcher began in 2016 out of some frustration I was having with consulting clients who would modify their DNS records incorrectly, breaking their email and/or website until I was able to get them...


April 29, 2022

Meet Return Early, a web services company

Return Early is a web services company focusing on building Software-as-a-Service applications for the Software Developer / IT team industry. I started building SaaS applications back in 2016 with...


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